John G. Lewis, Guitarist - Vocalist

John G. Lewis: Guitarist - Vocalist


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John G. Lewis is a singer and guitarist with a silky voice and with amazing fluency on guitar. He has developed a hybrid guitar/bass sound and playing technique that produces a lush full sound to accompany his soulful tenor vocals. A linguist by training and a musician by choice, John sings in English, French, and Portuguese and performs an eclectic repertoire of Jazz, Classic R&B, and Pop Classics that he refers to as a "Neo-Lounge mix". His music is an elegant sound track for wine, romance, and passion. He performs as a soloist and with his duo and trio.

Additionally, John is a fanatic about the sonic impact of his music. He believes music should be enjoyed not endured; hence, he maintains several state of the art sound systems configurations to provide a listening experience that is comfortable in an intimate living room space, in a large banquet hall, or in a nightclub setting.

The combination of musical talent, obsessive attention to professionalism, and state of the art aural sensibilities, makes the John G. Lewis sound a very groovy sonic experience.